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  • Check lockbox to see if keys are inside **and the code you have works**
  • Walk through the cottage and just do a general check, from your inventory.
  • Collect dirty linens and dish clothes etc.
  • Check for Laundry and start it immediately and use the clothes line as well.
  • Empty Dishwasher Coffee pot/filter basket, clean and empty. Microwave?
  • Tea Pot (if brown inside, clean it!)
  • Fridge empty?
  • Oven clean? If not let us know and we can arrange to have it sprayed for next week.
  • Countertops clean? Coffee filters Quantity ok
  • Sweep/mop kitchen floor
  • Cupboards empty (food) Owners Leave Basics DO NOT THROW OUT!
  • Clean kitchen sink from stains. Kitchen garbage, empty **leave a clean garbage bag**
  • Make beds (if applicable) If you do not have time just leave them folded on the bed
  • Check dressers drawers for items left behind and closets
  • Clean tub, shower, sinks, toilet, floors and check for T.P if required ___ quantity left
  • Put out clean towels etc if required. Always flush the toilet making sure it’s not plugged
  • Bathroom garbage, empty?
  • Check in the couch as well and behind the pillows and under all furniture.
  • Woodstove (empty ashes using a metal pail only) no hot coals!
  • Check BBQ & propane tank (is there a full one at the cottage?) usually 2 tanks left
  • Screened porch & patio table
  • Check cleaning products & restock if necessary. Mark down we will bill owner.
  • If you find anything left behind, please bag/label it with the # of the cottage and date.
  • Make sure there is a BBQ Brush there that will work, leave one behind if necessary.
  • Put the lawn chairs back at the cottage if they are on the beach
  • Check for any hot coals left in the fire pit (pour water on hot coals and make sure they are out) check lawn and beach for glass and beer caps.
  • Check the lawn/waterfront for any doggie land mines! Record this penalties for renters
  • Sweep the cobwebs off the eves and around doors.
  • If the cottage come with boats make sure they are secure and that the paddles have not been damaged, this is especially important where the paddleboat is concerned. It is better to leave it in the water pulling it up on the land can break the rudder.
  • Take notice if the grass needs cutting, (write it down on your time sheet).
  • If there are flowers there and it has been dry and you have time please water them.
  • Check out the garbage containers outside (make sure there are garbage bags available at the cottage) before you leave! Jobs that are to be done on a monthly basis are the oven/dusting in high places/ windows/BBQ.
  • Before you leave make sure windows closed & locked, close curtains, blinds make sure the door is locked and the lock box is working. Make sure camp fires are out!!!
  • If excessively filthy please call us right away and we will be out to photograph and help.
  • Call Cottage Rentals 613-332-3340 to give all clear.

Direct Line: 613-332-3340
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