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  • 2 full propane tanks, a couple of BBQ cleaning brushes and Make sure your BBQ is clean and in working order, for the WHOLE summer
  • Paper Towel (one roll for each Rental week(end))
  • Toilet Paper (two rolls for each rental week(end))
  • Coffee filters that will fit your coffee maker, or a reusable filter.
  • Sugar (small container left in the Refrigerator) and salt/pepper, spices are a nice touch.
  • Drinking Water (Label tap accordingly) this is very important! Information on where you get your water jugs replaced would be good.
  • Leave the fridge empty “renters are bringing enough food for the week”. Make sure you have left an empty cupboard or pantry for their non-perishable food “Please note that if you leave food at the cottage the renters may use it”
  • Dish Soap, rack for dishes, Automatic Dishwasher soap (if needed), oven mitts, dish towels, tea towels (You need 2 sets of these for weekly turn overs if you do not have laundry facilities at your cottage).
  • A working vacuum cleaner (and extra bags if needed), broom & dust pan, Mop & Pail. Cleaning products for the renters to use, glass cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, a dusting product, a sink & tub/shower cleaner. Cleaning cloths and kitchen sponge.
  • Clear Garbage bags are required, recycling bins, Dump card & Full instructions/hours for your dump. We do provide directions to the dump but please leave GOOD INSTRUCTIONS for your renters, right on the fridge - now that dumps are monitored. Recycling must be sorted as specified for your dump.
  • A guest book left at the cottage is a nice idea, so that the renters can leave you a few comments - renters like to leave you a thank-you or a few suggestions for items the cottage may need.
  • Ice cube trays, Emergency flashlight, games, movies are good to leave.
  • De-clutter the cottage of your personal items, & keep in a locked closet. Please do not leave oil lamps, as some renters do not know how to use them, and this may pose a fire hazard.
  • Remove any Blow-up toys (water/or land) from the Property.
  • Instructions left regarding Power Outage, eg; “do not flush toilet or run water” is good to leave posted right on the fridge.

“Cottage rentals will provide a general list of do’s and don’ts, but if there is something specific, please leave on the fridge or in a binder on the table!”

Feel free to add other items beyond this list. This is simply a guideline to help you get started.

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