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What if I need to change the dates or decide to switch to another Cottage?
A fee is imposed to make a change to your booking – switch in date, or switch in cottage. We cannot make changes to cottage bookings, if it is less than 6 weeks prior to your arrival.

Cancellation Policy
If you have to cancel your cottage booking more than 6 weeks prior to arrival, we refund the amount of the Rental fee paid to date, less a small cancellation fee of $75.00 plus tax. If you cancel less than 6 weeks from the day you are to arrive, then we cannot refund any money unless we are able to rent out the cancelled week to another family. The original Booking fee is non-refundable.

Cleaning? When can I expect a refund of the Damage Deposit?
As long as the cottage is left “as you found it”, and there were no problems, we refund the damage deposit back to you within approx. 14 days after you leave the cottage. We will e-mail you when processed on our end.
*If you wish to hire a cleaning service, for the final clean-up please inquire. This service is only available for some cottages. Please arrange well in advance.

Security Deposit, why and when do I get it back?
All of our cottages require a minimum $500.00 (up to $1000) damage deposit, due within 30 days before arriving to the cottage. Your cottage will be clean and ready for your occupancy when you arrive. There are cleaning supplies at the cottage, and we ask you to leave the cottage “as you found it” when you leave. We also ask that you take away all garbage and recycling. The deposit is to cover any damages done to the cottage, or any excessive cleaning needed to be done after you depart. Other charges will be deducted from your damage deposit for things like the cost of any long distance calls you make while at the cottage (you are asked to bring a calling card). If the phone was used for long distance was used, a hold-back can be as long as 45 days in order for the phone bill to clear.
Each cottage will be checked by one of our field staff or by the cottage owner after your departure. If damages occur and repairs need to be done, we will assess the costs and be in contact with you right away. A fair and full accounting of these charges will be forwarded to you via e-mail. At if you "leave it the way you found it" and honour the Booking Conditions, you will get your security deposit back in full. Refunds are processed within 14 days after you leave, and we will e-mail you when it is processed on our end. We refund it back to you, the same way you had paid it. So if you pay by cheque, we will mail you a cheque, and if you use your credit card, it goes back on the card.

Where do I get my keys?
Most of our cottages have coded lock boxes, and the key is found inside. Full instructions of how to work them, as well as your code, will be e-mailed (or mailed if preferred), to you usually about 2 weeks before you are to come, or after all payments are processed and paperwork completed. The lock boxes are easy to use, but should you have problems, please call us at 1-613-332-3340, and we do check the answering machine on a regular basis in the evening, for any problems. We do not answer e-mails after 4pm, or on weekends, so it is best to call. If you are arriving late at night to the cottage, it is best to bring a flashlight with you to see the lock.

Can I bring my pet with me?
If you have chosen a cottage that allows a pet, and you have let us at know, you are welcome to bring your pet. Most “pet friendly” cottages will limit to one pet, so if you have more than one, you will need to get permission, and this is decided on a case-by-case basis with the owners of the cottage. When booking, you will need to confirm any pet(s) that will be brought to the cottage. You are responsible to clean up after the pet(s), inside and outside. Remember, please keep pets on the property at all times. The property owners next to you or close-by may have pets as well. Keep control of your animals and keep the barking to a minimum. Nothing ruins a quiet day at the beach like a barking dog all day. Also keep in mind that your pets could encounter raccoons, skunks, porcupines, or more rarely bears or coyotes, in the woods around the cottage, any of which could seriously harm or kill you family pet.

Why do we limit the number of overnight guests? Septic?
We are hired by cottage owners to find them good families to enjoy their property. Too many guests can cause too much wear and tear on the cottage and overuse on the septic system. Unlike city homes, cottages are on individual septic systems. The size of a septic in a cottage is based on the number of people it can sleep, and will not function as well with too much water use. If a septic is overworked it will have problems. Believe me - you don't want septic problems while you are on vacation! Also, please never put sanitary napkins, paper towels, grease, cigarette butts down the sink or in a toilet as these items are sure to plug the system.

If the Hydro goes out?
If the power goes out at the cottage - DO NOT flush the toilets or use any water, as you will cause issues with the pump/water system. Please call us right away at 1-613-332-3340 and make us aware so that we can report it to Hydro One. Please note if you see lines or trees down. Hydro One may give estimated restoration times, however, they will deal with the larger outages first, and have no control of restoration time. You may need to pick up ice to keep food cold. Most cottages have a BBQ with a side burner so that you can still cook.

Keeping Hydro costs down helps keep the rental prices reasonable.
When is the best time to use large appliances?

As most people are aware, Hydro costs in Ontario have steadily gone up over the years, and now most cottages are now billed on the time-of-use billing schedule as set up by Hydro One. The High-peak and Mid-Peak times do change from season to season, but the low-peak time is always from 7pm to 7am year round, or all day on Saturday and Sunday. To help cottage owners keep hydro costs down, we do ask that you try to use large appliances during the low time - from 7pm to 7am or on weekends. Keeping hydro costs down, will help to ensure that cottage rental prices will stay competitive, and affordable.

We take bookings on a first come basis, so please don't hesitate to call if you have any more questions!

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